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NICE Park is a dedicated parking brand covering everything from sales and
operations of parking management systems to development and acquisition of parking lots.

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  • Developments/Acquisitions

    Construction of parking towers at private and
    government-owned land, acquisition
    of existing parking lots and operation rights,
    BTO/BTL investment in parking lots

  • Turnkey Management

    Early investment in automated parking system
    installations, turnkey management of
    call centers, system errors, and settlements

  • Operations

    Operations of parking lots within facilities
    (buildings, hospitals, universities)
    and direct operations of parking lots
    following rent of empty sites

Unmanned paid parking lot

NICE Park Business Model

  • 01) Developments/Acquisitions

    - We either purchase or enter into long-term rents of parking towers, parking sites, parking lots, and empty sites.
    - We develop idle airports and other government-owned land as parking lots.
    - We engage in investment activity to develop both private and government-owned land as parking lots, and then either renting out the facilities or operating these facilities directly.

    • Consortium organization/
      SPC establishment

      For large development/acquisition projects, we establish a SPC with the investment consortium to operate the business and distribute dividends

    • BTO

      After Building parking lots, We Transfer ownership to the original owner, and Operate the facility for a given period

    • BTL

      After Building parking lots, We Transfer ownership to the original owner, and Earn Lease for a given period

  • 02) Operations

    • Reduce investment risks

      Zero capital investment required from landowner

    • Earn rent

      Drive building asset value with additional rent

    • Maximize flexibility

      Utilize business sites and idle land for brief periods

    나이스파크는 주차장의 시스템 및 환경개선 무상 투자와 관리/운영 서비스를 제공합니다. 나이스파크는 주차장소유주및 공공기관에게 임차료를 지급하고 주차장소유주및 공공기관은 나이스파크에게 주차장 또는 유휴지를 임대합니다.
  • 03) Turnkey Management

    • Zero Management Burden

      NICEPARK turnkey management for device management,emergency on-site check-ups, and response to customer complaints

    • Zero Early Investment Risk

      NICE Park takes on entirety of any early capital investments for installation of new devices

    • Zero Operations Risk

      Automated system allows for year-round, around-the-clock parking lot operations

    나이스파크는 주차장에 위탁관리와 토탈 서비스를 제공합니다. 주차장의 운영수익은 소유주 및 공공기관에 귀속됩니다. 소유주 및 공공기관은 주차장 운영 위수탁계약 / 위탁관리료를 나이스파크측에 지급합니다.
  • 04) Sale/Rental of Parking Management Systems

    렌탈: 사업주는 초기비용 부담없이 월 할부비용을 나이스파크측에 제공합니다. 나이스파크는 주차장의 장비설치 및 환경개선에 투자합니다. *수익배분을 통한 렌탈비용 대체 가능, *렌탈 이후 임대 및 위탁서비스 선택 가능, 판매:  나이스파크는 건설사 및 시공사, am pm fm,주차시설운영사업체,건물소유주에게 최적의 시스템 및 설치비용 제안, 표준가격 유지보수, 기존건물관리 시스템 연동의 서비스를 제공하고 시스템 구축 비용을 일시 지급받습니다.이스파크측에 지급합니다.

NICE Park Key Competencies

  • 24-Hour Customer Call Center

    A dedicated 24-hour call center is capable of remote control of client parking lots and catering to questions and complaints, offering top-class customer service

  • Korea’s Largest Field Support Team

    Korea’s largest field support team spread out across 28 offices across the country offers rapid response to system errors

  • Total Operations Service

    Customized one-stop total service for everything concerning parking lot operations, from investment and construction to operations

  • Transparent Revenue Management

    Revenue management system built to financial services industry standards offers transparency in revenue management and reporting

Key Clients

  • Jongno Tower

  • Lotte World Adventure Busan

  • SRT (Suseo/Dongtan/Jije Stations)

  • IKEA Gwangmyeong

  • I-Park Mall (Yongsan/Gocheok)

  • Sungkyunkwan Uniersity (Humanities/Science Campuses)

  • NHIS Ilsan Hospital

  • Hillstate at Misa Station,
    Grand Passage

  • Sindorim Techno Mart